15 useful tools for remote working

15 useful tools for remote working

Right now it’s never been more important to utilize your remote working setup. Luckily, there are plenty of useful tools for remote working. As well as plenty of technology out there to aid your productivity. All this can help you produce high quality work remotely. 

So whether you need to manage customer engagement for your online business, or simply need to keep motivation high, use these tools to get ahead of the game.

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Tools for remote working – Nord VPN

First and foremost, safety is a priority when working online, so you need a trustworthy VPN to ensure cyber security. We recommend using Nord VPN. It gives you access to content worldwide -perfect if you work remotely for a global business. They also use powerful encryption to prevent hacking and tracking and are known for offering both fast speed and unlimited bandwidth for Torrents at a reasonable price.


Sending large files over email can be a nightmare, so managing your files whilst remote working is essential. One of the most secure and private cloud storage solutions (due to zero-knowledge encryption and its ability to sync files and folders) is an open source platform called Tresorit. It’s a tool that is ideal for remote collaborators, especially in terms of design. Powerpoint, Photoshop, InDesign files etc. can all be sent and received using this tool without compromising on safety. Perfect for providing both enhanced security and data encryption for remote workers.

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Google Drive

Google Drive or the G Suite has become the holy grail for remote workers- so if you aren’t already utilizing it, you really should! A cloud storage platform that enables you to store all your files in one secure, central location. As well as automatically saving your documents, as a remote worker you can share documents you are working on.

So whether it be a word doc, spreadsheet etc,  you can choose what access you provide to others (read only, comment, edit etc.) It can also be used for reporting weekly metrics and syncs across devices, perfect for viewing anywhere on any device. No need for an internet connection.


Do you run an e-commerce remote business and need a visual way to understand your users? Try Hotjar– a behavior analytics and user feedback service. Through tools like heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys, they focus on helping you understand what your users care about, and what they have to say. Remote working tools like this, enable you to better engage and target your audience.

Active Campaign

What about remote working tools for email marketing? We like Active Campaign – an effective email marketing tool perfect for remote working.

Use this tool to create an email welcome series or focus on email automation. You can also segment your contacts or use simple workflows to automate marketing that you don’t have time for. It’s a great way to grow your email subscribers and build a brand.

remote working tools


Managing money whether it’s your own personal wages or paying other staff can be tricky in the remote working world. Especially if you have a global team or international clients. You need a bank like Transferwise.

They provide an instant, convenient and transparent ‘money without borders’ option (all without a fee.) Useful when you need to pay, get paid or spend in your preferred currency.


Remote working has the potential to be distracting at times – TV on in the background? A noisy family preventing you from concentrating? Well why not listen to something that focuses your attention in a positive way? The team behind BrainFM aim to create music with a different approach.

Rather than grab your attention and pull your focus away from the task at hand, their music is designed to support your work goals and help transform your daily routine. A collaboration between scientists, musicians and developers have created music that taps into the part of your brain that increases productivity. How is that for a more efficient, effective remote working schedule?

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17Hats, is one we specifically recommend for small business owners struggling to juggle varied workloads whilst working remotely. It enables you to tailor, organize and automate your remote working approach.

Taking this step will not only increase productivity, but has been proven to help gain more clients. A remote working tool built to aid administrative tasks such as taking customer bookings and keeping track of finances. You can also use it as a sort of CRM system by managing your existing clients. Effectively a virtual personal assistant for all your remote business needs!


Need to access a phone number to call a team member? Revisit that website URL or access a snip of code? Jumpcut is a great remote working tool for remote workers who are short of time – or forgetful! It is effectively a MacOS clipboard manager that provides Macbook users with fast access to their clipboard history, saving time and frustration in the process.

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Jitsu Meet

When working remotely, arguably communication is even more important- which is where Jitsi Meet comes in. You want a group video calling app that’s easy and straightforward to use, especially when it comes to team meetings. Yet, rather than relying on Zoom or Facetime- which do not have a suitable level of encryption for security purposes- Jitsi is secure.

In fact, Jitsi offers a multi-platform open-source video which even has the option to record video calls should you need to revisit meetings. You can also easily build and deploy secure video conferencing solutions without setting up an account or occurring any costs.

World Time Buddy

Work within a global remote team which leaves you unsure whether it is night or day? World Time Buddy is here to help. A software with a time converter that makes it easier to manage global teams with an online clock and meeting scheduler.

Let your team compare multiple time zones,  schedule conference calls, and plan web meetings when it suits the business best. A perfect tool for remote workers perfect for productivity and tracking.

Receive your personal remote job news
Receive your personal remote job news


There are several project management tools out there to aid with remote working. Asana is one of two worth a mention. Why? Well it is designed to keep both you and your team on task. Asana enables you to create virtual to-do lists and keep track of deadlines.

The remote working tool also allows you to assign a task to another colleague. It’ll also let team members know it’s their time to review a project. Essentially it’s an effective tool for remote working that’ll keep both you, employees or team members on track for tasks due that day or week.

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We are also a huge fan of Trello when it comes to project management systems. Why? Because it’s a PMS tool that keeps it simple, yet still promotes performance.

You can use it to track updates, requests, tasks etc and create separate boards depending on the product. Often favoured by fast paced startups, it has been proven to increase productivity and provide an effective platform for feedback and discussion whilst remote working.

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A million and one passwords bogging you down? Struggling to remember them all or need to give access to one of your accounts to another team member? Don’t send them over email – not cybersecurity friendly – use Lastpass instead.

Lastpass instantly logs all your passwords and allows you to use long, more secure passwords that you don’t need to remember!

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Need a quick chat with someone in your team? Instead of relying on Whatsapp or Messenger, use Telegram – an online messaging app that is cloud-based and prioritizes security and speed.

As well as being more secure, it’s compatible with weak internet connections, making it more reliable when on the move and great for remote workers.

What are your top tools for remote working? We would love to hear from you!

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